So, what is this vDice you speak of? Ether Gambling you say..? is Ether Gambling; the 1st Fully Decentralised Betting game, for the world’s 1st Programmable P2P network.

OK, that’s a mouthful. We admit it. Let’s put it more simply… is a Classic SatoshiDICE clone implemented as an Ethereum Smart Contract.

Still no? Oh boy, this is tough. Let’s give it another shot… is a blockchain based gambling dapp, processing bets through an Oracle.

What? Still no? Hmmm. Alright, we’ll give it one more shot… is the future of internet gambling.

It’s fully decentralised gambling that lives in the Ether; in the realm of ideas and magic.

Yes, magic. Who doesn’t like magic!?

Permission-less and trustless. vDice is a platform. It features a range of Ethereum gambling Dapps.

Coders write great code. They upload it to the Ethereum network.

We provide a pretty window for those wishing to look at the games. The games live on the network. is a nice place to visit and look at the pretty Ethereum gambling games. We’re like a tower viewer for looking out onto Ethereum gambling Smart Contracts.

Ether Gambling

Look, the best way to explain something is by showing it to people.

So, you can go and play. Or, you can learn what it is exactly, by reading about how it operates.

In this What is vDice? section we cover:

  1. Blockchain Gambling.
  2. The vDice Platform.
  3. A look at the Gambling Games.

We hope you learn a lot.

If you need any clarification, just ask us. We’re everywhere. Links to contact us are below.

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