Ethereum Project? Say What?

At we have chosen to build our platform using the Ethereum Project. We love it and understand it.

We’re so passionate about Ethereum that we talk about it all the time.

Ethereum Project

When you do this, dear reader, you get asked a lot of questions. We love questions about Ethereum.

One that pops up again, and again: What is the Ethereum Platform?

Fair question we think. How do you explain Ethereum to the uninitiated?

The Ethereum Project is Different Things to Different People.

Some like to call it a World Computer, others prefer Fully Programmable  Blockchain or something similar.

We’ve heard all kinds of explanations in our time. And we’ve heard all types of permutations of those explanations.

We like the World Computer the best. Although, we are always open to suggestions.

Basically, people seem to understand this concept well, at least in our experience.

The idea of a giant computer that exists everywhere, and nowhere, that runs code, but can’t be turned off…it seems to resonate with people.

Even the people who created Ethereum had to grapple with this question.

Ethereum Project 1

Explaning the Ethereum Project to the Initiated.

If the person you’re talking to already has some knowledge of Bitcoin… and that knowledge is more than superficial, they should know about the blockchain.

In that case a Fully Programmable Blockchain type explanation would very likely make sense to them.

Essentially this too is Ethereum: a distributed database with a native token. The only difference being that it can do arbitrarily complex computation.

Ethereum Project Dream

If you can dream it, you can stick it on Ethereum. That is a little more difficult with Bitcoin, at least in its current state.

How About You?

What’s your preferred explanation? Tell us in the comments below.

We’d love to hear it, obviously. But only if it’s good. :p

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