vSlots Alpha Release

Today the long anticipated vSlots Alpha is released. This is the 1st game for vDapps and the second game on the vDice platform.

vDice is the most used main-net Dapp in the Ethereum ecosystem. The main vDice game is rapidly approaching 100,000 bets with the rate of betting increasing.

We are here to deliver secure, production ready code that is in line with the overall development of the underlying Ethereum technology.

We hope you enjoy playing vSlots.

Development Update

This is the Alpha release of vSlots. It is still early. We are confident in the Smart Contract code. Third party security audits will be published shortly.

However, there are many UI/UX improvements to come. They revolve around playing speed and experience. Many will be advanced as early as next week.

The spinning animation is raw and is being developed further.

We value your feedback.

How to Play

To play vSlots Alpha:

Step 1) Unlock Metamask

vSlots Alpha 1


Step 2) Navigate to slot.vdice.io

vSlots Alpha 2


Step 3) Select the number of spins (max. 16) and wager amount you would like for your bet (between min. and max. bet amount).

vSlots Alpha 3


Step 4) Click ‘ROLL’. Then click ‘SUBMIT’ in the Metamask popup (to confirm your bet).

vSlots Alpha 4


Step 5) Please wait for around 30-90s for your spins to start. E.g. if you purchased 16 spins it will spin 16x, one after the other.

vSlots Alpha 5


Step 6) That’s it. Your Metamask balance autoupdates appropriately.

vSlots, The Ecosystem and Decentralization

As always, we stand for decentralization above all else.

We continue to believe that blockchain is a revolutionary technology for one simple reason: censorship resistance. Without this, Blockchains are just slow databases. It is this aspect that makes them groundbreaking.

Security and decentralization remain our guiding principles.

There has been much debate in the ecosystem recently regarding decentralization. The appropriate level of decentralisation remains a contentious issue. Some projects are sacrificing decentralization for speed. The point at which they cease to be blockchain projects at all is a continuing debate.

Our position is clear: decentralization and security above all else.

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