vSlice Web Wallet is Live

Version 1.0 of the vSlice web wallet is now live at token.vdice.io

This allows vSlice holders to easily and securely hold, send and receive vSlice tokens.

Full functionality includes:

  • Receive vSlice.
  • Send vSlice.
  • Updated List of Places to Buy & Sell vSlice.
  • Check Lock / Unlock Periods.
  • View Your vSlice Tx Info

Features to be added:

  • Profit Calling Function

How vSlice Token Works?

Profits from ALL vDice games are accumulated at a special Smart Contract called the ‘ProfitContainer’ Smart Contract.

For 25-days of the month (known as the ‘Unlocked Period’) profits accumulate. Then, during the ‘Lock Period’ (about 5 days of the month) vSlice tokens holders can withdraw their profits from the ‘ProfitContainer’ smart contract.

To check if we are in a ‘Lock’ or ‘Unlock’ period simply click ‘Check Lock Period‘ at the vSlice Web Wallet.

To withdraw your profits during the ‘Lock Period’ we are adding a simple point and click interface to the web wallet. This feature is scheduled for release in early January.

vSlice Web Wallet 1

‘ProfitContainer’ Smart Contract Update

The ‘ProfitContainer’ Smart Contract is a single smart contract that collects profits from ALL vDice games.

It is from this Smart Contract that vSlice token holders draw their share of profits, each ‘Lock Period’.

This has not been released yet. It is still being tested. It will be released in early January. Once it is released profits will start accumulating. Then you can draw them our each ‘Lock Period’.

vSlice Web Wallet 2

How Are Profits Distributed?

vSlice token holders get a share of profits from ALL vDice games.

There are 33,390,496.0333756 VSL Tokens. Say a token holder owns 100,000 tokens. They have 0.299% ownership.

Now say, for example, at the start of the ‘Lock Period’ there 1,000 ETH in profit stored in the ‘ProfitContainer’ smart contract. Then 0.299% of that goes to the token holder. So, 0.299% x 1,000 ETH = 2.99 ETH.

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