vSlice (VSL) Redeem Profits

This is the process for vSlice (VSL) holders to redeem their profits:


  • You can only withdraw during a ‘Lock’ period and only once per ‘Lock’ Period. Check if it is currently a ‘Lock’ period here).
  • Everything is related to the balance of the ProfitContainer. 1 Wei is the minimum that can be withdrawn. If you only hold enough VSL tokens to withdraw less than 1 wei during a lock-period, it will not process.

Step 1) Go to MyEtherWallet and select the ‘Send Ether & Tokens’ tab at the top.


Step 2) Enter your Private Key and click ‘unlock’. (This must be the private key for the address that has your VSL tokens).


Step 3) In the ‘To Address’ field enter this ProfitContainer address:



Step 4) In ‘Amount to Send’ field enter: 0 and in ‘Gas Limit’ field enter: 200000


Step 5) Click on ‘Advanced: Add Data’ and enter 0x2ebec916


Step 6) Click ‘Generate Transaction’ and then click ‘Send Transaction’.


That’s it. You should receive ETH at the address that holds your vSlice (VSL) Tokens.

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