vSlice Update Q1

VSL is important in the Ethereum ecosystem. It connects vDice; one of the only live and working Dapps in Ethereum, to its users and contributors.

Also, it has some novel features running, in production. This is good for Ethereum. These features include its autonomous time locking.

We have ended the 1st quarter of 2017. In these first 3-months the VSL system has been working well.

The Smart Contract is performing as it should. It is time locking / unlocking as expected. Users are receiving their ETH from the autonomous agent Smart Contract, as programmed.

VSL and the Market

VSL has been performing very well. We don’t like to speculate. It’s not our job. We leave that for the traders.

Perhaps it’s because the market is realising that vDice is live and working so well. It has processed over 30,000 transactions.

Maybe the market heard about our new game being released next month. Whenever vDice release something it goes live and secure to the main network. It will have cutting edge features and be ready to play immediately.

Really we can’t say. But the VSL token has been performing so well.

VSL Numbers and Growth

There have been some really interesting discussion of late regarding VSL and its potential growth. We encourage you to join the discussion on social media.


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6 thoughts on “vSlice Update Q1”

    1. That is a tough one. As there are a lot of variables. Iit relies on knowing the profit container amount, for example. With the new game coming out next week (also connected to the profit container) that could change. Really we are at the start of this journey and here for the long haul, consistently launching games. To calculate profits: (Your VSL Holding / Total VSL [33,390,496.0333756 VSL]) x Profit Container = Your Return. As long as this figure is larger than the GAS to withdraw from the profit container then you will make something.

      We have a calculator available that appears during lock periods at epoch.vdice.io to do this for you.

  1. do you have any plans on improving the time it takes until you finally get a result?
    30 seconds is in my opinion a bit too long to keep players betting.
    with the increasing eth price it would be useful to lower the min. bet to lets say 0.05 eth or even lower.
    any thoughts on raiden?

    1. This is an area of constant development. We must grow with the network and we are consistently shaving seconds from average bet time.
      Eventually the Ethereum network and technology stacks mature we expect to be able to process bets, on blockchain, at a speed that is competitive with centralized services.
      That has always been the intention and is still the plan, ongoing basis. With the rapid speed of Ethereum development it is encouraging. Really, it is not something that is ever really done. You just drive efficiency and speed closer and closer to optimal point as the technology growth allows.

      Raiden is great and the team behind it are excellent. It is one possible approach and available technology for getting betting much faster using the blockchain, in a decentralized way. We are aware of it. But we also have our own technologies being developed.

      There is actually a section in the roadmap about what is being worked on for this issue: https://blog.vdice.io/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/vDice_Development_Roadmap.pdf

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