vDice ICO Update – Code Audit – October 21st

This ICO update October 21st covers the vDice game code audits.

The vDice Crowdsale (ICO) is soon. It starts November 15th.

Code audits are important. Code must be secure.

Making secure Dapps for Ethereum is our job. We do it well.

ICO Update October 21st

vDice Code Audits – ICO Update October 21st

vDice is one of the most popular Dapps. vDice is secure.

We show how strong and secure is vDice code.

We work with Peter Vessenes.

Peter has been in blockchain forever. He is one of the most respected security people. Peter knows code. Peter knows security and blockchain.

Peter is a big fan of Ethereum. Read his important contributions to Ethereum here.

All the top developers in Ethereum know Peter’s work.

Peter is a big fan of vDice. He was very happy to Audit the vDice game code.

Click Here for the full Audit of the vDice game code by Peter Vessenes.

Peter is also auditing the code for our ICO.

ICO Update October 21st

vDice ICO Logo – vSlice

This is the vSlice logo above.

The vDice token is called vSlice. This is an important token. It is the token for one of the most important Dapps in Ethereum ; vDice.

Hold the vSlice token and get your slice of vDice profits. Or trade it on leading exchanges.

Coming Soon…

In the coming updates:

  • The ICO Code.
  • The ICO Code Audits.
  • Exchange Partnerships.

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