vDice Token Swap Update : ‘vSlice’

The vDice token swap is coming soon!

vDice will have its own token. You swap Ether or Bitcoins for vDice tokens, called ‘vSlice’.

vSlice tokens will have value in the market. It will be an alt-coin like Ether, Litecoin, Ripple, or any other alt-coin. You will buy, sell and trade vSlice on the best exchanges.

But it will also have an extra, unique feature. It will be different to any alt-coin.

vSlice holders will automatically receive all profits from the vDice game. That’s right, vSlice is the 1st alt-coin that will earn profit while you hold it!

It’s a world 1st. Only Ethereum makes this possible.

vDice is SatoshiDICE for Ethereum

vDice is Bitcoin’s classic SatoshiDICE for Ethereum. It is having huge success.vDice Token Swap

Ethereum smart contracts are so powerful. We’re going to use this power to share vDice success. All the game profits will belong to vSlice holders.

vDice Token Swap – Technical Design

We have outlined the formal system for the vDice token swap smart contracts.

We have designed a really great system for issuing vSlice. It is strong and secure.

The vSlice infrastructure keeps risk low. We are building 3 different smart contracts to issue vSlice tokens:

Smart Contract A): A standard multisig address which notifies deposit details to Smart Contract B) and which can stop receiving deposits, once a given special function is called.

(Basic Explanation: This Smart Contract that will receive your Ether and Bitcoin).

Smart Contract B): A smart contract mapping Ethereum addresses to the value each address deposited on Smart Contract A).

(Basic Explanation: This Smart Contract will keep track of all people who buy vSlice).

Smart Contract C): The token contract (acting as vDice contract owner), whose initial distribution is tied to mapping in Smart Contract B).

(Basic Explanation: This Smart Contract will issue vSlice tokens to everyone).

Testing of the smart contracts and logic will start in 6 weeks.

By dividing each function, into Separate Smart Contracts, we increase the overall security.

We will also announce the token sale date soon.

Then you can get vSlice tokens with either Bitcoin or Ether.

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