vDice Sponsors Devcon2

vDice Sponsors Devcon2 – DevCon 2 Sponsorship – Press Release

Devcon2 is upon us. vDice is proud to be an official sponsor.

This is the biggest event on the Ethereum calendar. It makes sense that vDice, as one of the most important projects be directly affiliated with it.

vDice Sponsors Devcon2

DevCon2 is a developer conference, to be sure. But it is much more than that. DevCon2 will bring together the leading projects and players in the Ethereum and blockchain space.

Last year’s event was held in London. It was a massive success. This years event will be held in Shanghai, China. The west had its turn. Now it’s time for the East to be properly introduced to the power of the Ethereum blockchain.

Full credit must go to the Ethereum Foundation. They are responsible for putting on the event. No doubt it is a lot of work.

Development Update 3

The Devcon2 Event – Shanghai, China

We will join researchers, investors, enterprise, guest speakers, contributors, peers, partners, collaborators and colleagues to discuss everything concerning Ethereum’s ongoing evolution.

The event will be held over 3-days at the Hyatt on the Bund. This 5-star hotel is situated on Shanghai’s Huang Pu River. Shanghai itself is a key financial hub for China and an emerging financial centre-point for the world.

Shanghai is known within China’s tech. Community as the centre for blockchain development and entrepreneurship. As Ethereum’s community continues to grow in China, Shanghai will continue to be of importance.

vDice is a proud sponsor of Devcon2.

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