vDice Role in the Ethereum Ecosystem

vDice is blockchain gambling for Ethereum. Some say it is the leading blockchain gambling game for Ethereum. vDice role in Ethereum is important.

vDice exists in an ecosystem. It must work with others. Others must work with vDice. Together we survive and prosper.


Ethereum needs blockchain gambling. Ethereum needs SatoshiDICE betting.

We play an important role in the Ethereum project. Everyone agrees.

The ecosystem benefits from SatoshiDICE betting, done as an Ethereum Dapp!

The importance of vDice

We process bets in a unique way. It shows what Bitcoin can’t do. vDice shows the real power of Ethereum.

Right now, we exist for the network to:

  • make on-chain Tx faster & More Efficient – through an Oracle.

    We exist for the world to:

  • Make Blockchain Gambling Simple to Use.

vDice Role Mission

vDice is completely decentralised. The code executes on the Ethereum world computer.

There is no server. This makes vDice unique. There is no other game like vDice in the world.

You can play from anywhere. You don’t have to trust anyone. You only have to trust the world computer. This is the promise of Ethereum.

Faster, Cheaper, Better…

We drive down the cost of on-chain Tx. We increase the speed. We are make contributions to the ecosystem. Everyone learns from our work.

vDice Role Better

Fully decentralised, through an Oracle, we provide even more value.

Oracles are an important part of Ethereum’s future. They must be production tested. We are a key Ethereum Dapp, live, working with an oracle.

Our Motivation

We have a great team. Our developers are the best. They write top code. Every day we work hard to create the best Dapp experience for Ethereum and our users.

We give faster, more efficient Tx processing to the Ethereum network. We give intuitive, easy to use Gambling Dapps to the world.

And we love doing it.

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