vDice Road Ahead for Ethereum Blockchain Gambling

So vDice went live on June 13th. Time to focus on the vDice road ahead.

The response has been amazing. We’d like to thank everyone for the great feedback. We’re glad you all love the UI/UX we have built.

vDice – Ethereum Leaders Love it

Also, the leaders in the Ethereum space love us. It’s very flattering:

"...vdice.io works. It relies on oraclize, which is a hefty library that does cool things."
Peter Vessenes
Blockhain Expert & Security Blogger  -  vessenes.com
June 30, 2016
"This is just amazing"
Patrizio Stavola
CRM and SFA expert. Focus on Blockchains.  -  twitter.com/halovast
June 11, 2016
"This is amazing. I can't believe it."
Ethereum Developer  -  www.reddit.com/user/Devether
July 04, 2016

vDice Mainstream Gambling Reviews

We’ve had positive reviews from the leading gambling sites:

  1. BitCasino News.
  2. Bigcoin Gambling.
  3. Bitcoin Gambling Guide.
  4. Best Bitcoin Dice.

We’re firmly established as the leading web presence for blockchain gambling games for Ethereum. Yay!


vDice Road Ahead

The community has reviewed our approach. They have tested the code of the Smart Contract we have chosen to interface with. The feedback, again, has been incredibly positive.

We’ve also received a lot of suggestion.

We’ve gotten thousands of emails, messages, tweets, replies, etc. since launch. It’s bee overwhelming.

vDice Road Ahead Plan

We’ve processed all into a plan.

In the 1st stage you can expect, by 1st week August:

1. Ability to contribute from Jaxx and Metamask.


2. UI optimisations

(Foreign language, autodetect of address in Jaxx, etc).

The main focus is on making game play and investing even more user friendly. Also, on getting UI responses even faster.

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