vDice Light Wallet Investing Added!

vDice.io is pleased to offer a light wallet investing option.

Light Wallet Investing

The Ethereum blockchain is a great invention. It’s what gives vDice is unique properties.

  • No Account Needed.
  • Payouts are Nearly Instant.
  • Bets are Provably Fair.
  • Play from Anywhere.

It makes truly decentralised gambling possible. That’s great!

As the Ethereum network grows, the blockchain gets bigger. So light clients will become more popular.

Light Wallet Invest Support

Two of the most popular at the moment are:

  1. Jaxx
  2. My Ether Wallet

(We’ll be adding Metamask as soon as they have an option for users to manually change the gas limit. They inform us it’s coming soon). 🙂

Now,  you can invest/divest in vDice from these light clients. Yay!

There is no longer any need to use mist and download the entire blockchain in order to invest / divest in our betting contracts.

Light Client Invest Instructions

For the instructions just click the ‘HOW TO INVEST’ tab at the top of the page here.

Light Wallet Investing 1

How to use vDice

There are 2 ways to interact with vDice Smart Contracts.

  1. You can “Bet Against Them” (Play).

  2. You can “Invest In Them” (Invest).

    Each Smart Contract on the site is its own separate game.

    Light Wallet Investing 3

1. Bet Against Them (Play)

This is simply playing the game. It’s super easy.

Just send a bet to a betting address (with 180,000 GAS). That’s it!

[The vDice smart contract, living on the Ethereum blockchain, will automatically process the bet and return the win or loss (1 wei) to your address].

2. Invest In Them (Invest)

Now this is also super easy too. You can do it from your light clients.

In this case you get a share of the profit that a specific Game Contract makes.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re active on social media. Or click the ‘Support’ tab at vdice.io

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