The vDice ICO Update October 28th

ICO Update October 28th – The vDice ICO Starts : November 15th.

The vDice Team

vDice is a live Dapp. So many people work to make vDice a success.

Some of the vDice team were even on the original Ethereum team!

Everyone deserves recognition. We have updated the site. Now you can see all the key people.

Everyone is there who keeps the vDice game so successful. Without them we wouldn’t have one of the best, live Dapps in Ethereum.

Thanks everyone.

Interview with Jason Colby

Jason was on the original Ethereum team. He was based at Ethereum Developer Headquarters (ETHDev HQ) in Berlin.

ICO Update October 28th

Between 2014 and 2016 Jason helped make Ethereum a reality.

He remembers when people thought Ethereum was a joke. Now it’s a billion dollar project.

Now Jason spends his time on vDice. It’s his favourite project in Ethereum. Read why he thinks vDice is so successful and will only get bigger.

ICO Update October 28th

ICO Code and Architecture

The code for the vDice ICO has been published here.

The 1st Code Audit and Testing Report Overview here. Also, there is a 3rd Party Audit coming soon, by Blockchain Security Expert Peter Vessenes.

For the general architecture of the technology driving our ICO, click here.

The structure of the vSlice application is composed of three smart contracts, each of them handling a different aspect of the ICO.

The three smart contracts interact with each other, and with the vDice contract, as better explained by the graphs below:




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