Weekly vDice ICO Update

vDice ICO update, since officially announcing the ICO 1-week ago.

The response has been tremendous.

Investors, developers and Ethereum leaders have all shown strong interest.

People really like that vDice is a live, working Dapp.

There have been a few gambling ICOs recently. But no one has a working Dapp. People like that vDice is actually a working product.

vDice ICO Exchange Partnerships

People also like the vSlice token. They really like how it’s tied to the vDice profits.

We are now finalising partnerships with leading exchanges. These will be announced soon.

You send ETH, you immediately receive vDice tokens. Then you can trade them on the best exchanges.


vDice ICO Documents

Here is key material:

  1. The vDice Game Code.
  2. The vDice ICO Whitepaper.
  3. The vDice Business Plan (Including ROI Projections).
  4. The vDice Development Roadmap (Document).
  5. The vDice Development Roadmap (Visual).
  6. The vDice Official ICO Announcement.

Coming soon are:

  1. The vDice ICO Code.
  2. The vDice ICO Code 3rd Party Audit.
  3. vDice Game Code 3rd Party Audit.


vDice ICO Token – World’s 1st Profit Sharing Token

The vDice token (called; ‘vSlice) is a new type of token.

It’s the world’s 1st profit earning token. It’s tied to the vDice game, the world’s 1st fully decentralized gambling game.

We are using the power of Ethereum smart contracts. We are building the future of gambling, today!

Our code is live. It works. Our team is the best. We have proven we can build, launch and maintain a Dapp.

Now you benefit. Hold the vDice token, earn the vDice profits. Or, trade the vDice token, and have great % return potential.

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