vDice ICO is Live!

The vDice Token (called: vSlice) Genesis Address is:


Simply send Ether (ETH) to the Genesis Address above.


  • Send with 200000 min. gas
  • DO NOT send from an exchange account or wallet (e.g. Coinbase).

Further information can be found at the vDice Crowdsale (ICO) Site.

[vSlice Token Contract Verified on the blockchain here].

Token Sale Site

We also have a token sale site here.

This has an in-built ETH/vSlice wallet. Also it has a step-by-step process for buying vSlice tokens with BTC, ETH, or Any Major Alt-Coin. (through Shapeshift integration).

Multi-Language Instructions.

We have instructions for buying vSlice Tokens and using our vSlice wallet.

Available in 5 languages:

Checking Your vSlice Balance

We have instructions here on how to check your vSlice balance, after you purchase.


For any support, contact our help-desk.

This is the recommended way to get the best help.

Otherwise, you can reach out to us on our Social Media.

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