vDice ICO is Complete

The vDice ICO is complete and issuance of the vSlice token is now over.

Thanks for the support everyone. We are truly humbled by everyone’s belief in the platform and the team.

Now the hard work begins.

To update, these are the goals to hit before end-of-year:

  • Token Update
  • Social Media
  • Designs
  • Exchanges
  • Web Wallet
  • The Game, Platform & Further Updates

  • Token Update

The object of the ICO was the token called vSlice (VSL). The website for the token itself is here.

The token was issued by the ICO Smart Contract, as a function of ETH sent to it, in a certain ratio.

This has lead to a total of 33,390,496.033375600026660590 vSlice tokens coming into existence.

This is the total supply of vSlice. Now that the issuance is over there will never be any more vSlice tokens. This is the total supply.

Tokens are locked for the last 5 days of the epoch. So it’s locked for another 2 days. And then the lock will turn off, when someone tries trading in ~3 days.

Our testing showed the same thing, that it would be locked for an additional 2 days, after the sale ends, just with the way weeks and days was used for the ICO length and epoch length.

Social Media

Please make sure to follow us on social media, to keep up to date with everything. We also recommend you join our Slack channel.

While we are active on all social media channels listed, Slack is the best way to interact with the vDice team, going forward.


Below is a sneak-preview at our new vDice design presence.

vDice ICO is Complete design


So we are furthest along with negotiations for listing at the following exchanges;

  1. BTC100 (China)
  2. Yobit (Russia)
  3. Bter (China)
  4. Bitlish (UK)
  5. Etherdelta (Open Source)
  6. Poloniex (US)
  7. Liqui (Ukraine)

We’ll be gradually added to these exchanges over the coming days. And we’ll be sure to let everyone know when trading opens on each one, in advance.

Web Wallet

We are working with the team from Ethplorer on the vSlice web wallet.

It will provide this basic functionality to start:

  1. Send / Receive vSlice.
  2. View Tx Details.
  3. Redeem Profits.

We are fixing parser and viewer to support vSlice token in Ethplorer. Also, we’re working on the API which will work on the vSlice web wallet (based on myetherwallet technology).

vDice ICO is Complete ethplorer

  • The Game, Platform & Further Updates

The new betting contract game code is live. We are gradually adding more and more betting contracts (various % chance parameters) these coming days.

Also, in line with the longer-term vision for the platform, we are taking betting game ideas and, ideally, good implementations of them in solidity.


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