Everyone’s been waiting for it. We told you it was coming. Didn’t we tell you it was coming? vDice gambling contracts verified!

vDice Gambling Contracts Verified

Here you go:

Alright…go for it. Take a look. The code’s there. Take a look. It’s great. We’re gonna build great code. Didn’t we tell you we’d build it? And now it’s verified too.

What a great team. We’ve got the best people. Can you imagine the kind of talent we have here. Nobody knows how hard we work. Nobody knows.

Look what top Ethereum coders are saying.

I tell you what, we’re just having the best time. And the Ethereum community, what a great bunch of guys.

VDice Gambling Contracts Verified
Another vDice fan on Twitter ; @JamesGMorgan. What a guy. Great sense of humor.

vDice Gambling Contracts meet the Shills

I gotta say, this Reddit community, they’re tough. On twitter, everyone loves us there. But on Reddit, it’s crazy.

You know what rhymes with Hillary, folks…that’s right: SHILL-ary. That’s right, the shills are out in full force.

Check out this:

Comment from discussion .

Can you believe this guy? First he goes and sticks a back-link in there. I mean come on…seriously?

Then he goes on about some other site having “great potential”. Like vDice.io doesn’t have great potential. Are you kidding me?

Take a look at vDice.io. Have you ever seen an Ethereum Dapp like this? Forget gambling…have you seen any Dapp like this?

Every day we’ve got people messaging us…they’re telling us how amazing the site is…how gorgeous it is. They can’t believe it.

That other site has great potential and we don’t. Seriously? Come on!

Have you ever seen a more obvious shill!?

vDice Gambling Contracts Verified 1

This guy is unfair and so dishonest. And people call Daddy vDice mean. Really? I’m not mean. I’m just honest.

At least some people still have a sense of humor.

And Stay tuned for details of our upcoming Crowd Sale. Have a chance to own a share of Ethereum’s first true, working, SatoshiDICE clone.

— Daddy vDice.

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