Development update –

Here’s the vDice development update for August.

We’ve been super busy. Can you believe all the action? It’s amazing.

At vDice, we’re on the cutting edge.

Development Update

Already we’re recognised in Ethereum. We’re the leading Blockchain Gambling Dapp. Everybody agrees.

It feels great. And we really have a unified network on ETH. You saw that the other day with the love in /r/ethereum.

Consensys, Digix, Plutus, Maker, Augur, String, Velocity, SingularDTV, Gnosis, uPort, Balanc3, Golem, and other projects: Can we as a community get your stance on whether you’re building on ETH or ETC? from ethereum

We’re gonna keep building. We’re gonna keep developing. At vDice everything is just working right. We’re not gonna stop.

1. Mandarin Language for Website:

Devcon2 is coming. It’s coming so soon. That means one thing folks.

China is coming to Ethereum.

Already we get A LOT of messages from China. They love vDice.

But they’re always asking us, when can we see it in Chinese? Well folks, it’s coming this month.

vDice Development Update

2. Faster betting:

Already we’ve got the fastest blockchain gambling game. Nobody does blockchain betting faster than vDice. Nobody. But it needs to be faster.

Our players want it much faster. Alright, so we’ve been working with our Oracle.

We’re going to make betting process even faster. It’s gonna be so fast. You won’t believe it. We’re gonna role that out this month.

Development Update 3

3. Token Sale Smart Contract:

Everyone wants a piece of It’s so successful. They want a piece of the action.

OK folks, we’re gonna give everyone a chance to own a piece of vDice.

It’s gonna be a new kind of token sale. It’s gonna be the most unique, most important token sale ever. Our devs. are building the code for that now.

We’re gonna really leverage the power of Smart Contracts. Everyone is gonna benefit. All our fans are gonna do so well from this token sale!

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