vDice Development Update

This is an exciting vDice development update. All is coming along well.

vDice is working closely with our Oracle. We have some great new technology.

Firstly, MetaMask integration is complete (for betting and investing).

vDice Development Update 1

You can expect a lot more upgrades and cool new features, as we lead up to Devcon 2.

We can’t wait to show you.

There will be some cool new UI features. They’re super.

vDice Development Update

But the goal has always been to make on-chain bet processing as fast and cheap as possible.

We’ll post a full development update once all features are live.

Players will love a faster, cheaper, simpler betting experience. Developers will love all the great technology that has been developed.

vDice Development Update – Faster Bet Processing

Working with our Oracle we will be going live by 1st week September with:

1. New Infrastructure and Design:-

We have new infrastructure and notaries design (Stealth Mode).

As a consequence, bets can be handled in a much shorter timespan and the average time to get the response out is moved down quite a bit (to ~8 seconds total, from the time the tx is confirmed).

Details to follow.

vDice Development Update 9

2. “0-confirmation”:-

Bets will be processed as soon as Oracle engine sees the unconfirmed Tx (with no need to wait for the transaction to be confirmed).

By starting to calculate the result (and its proof) in advance we save some extra seconds (on avg ~7/8).

Development Update 3

vDice Development Update – Going Forward

Most current work around even faster betting involves a new proof type. This is in stealth mode. We’ll announce details soon.

It’s being tested on the Mordern test network at the moment.

It would see bet processing down to about 2 seconds! We’ll keep you posted about that super exciting development. We expect to deploy that in October. Stay tuned.

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