Top 5 Ethereum Videos…of Late.

All eyes have been on Ethereum of late. We all know why. Yes, yes, the DAO Hack / Exploit / [Insert Term Here] is ongoing.

You could argue there is no such thing as ‘bad publicity’. You might well have a point.

The number of subscribers in /r/ethereum is up massively. And there are mainstream publications everywhere running Ethereum stories.

We enjoy visual content the most. Perhaps you do too.

If so, here is Top 5 list of videos, since the DAO hack:

DAO Hack

  1. The Dr. Gavin Wood Interview

Cool, calm, collected, composed (how’s that for alliteration), Dr. Gavin Wood is the James Bond of crypto. Here he is talking at the Dutch Bitcoin Conference about the DAO hack.

According to Dr. Wood, this is the most important case in crypto-economics since the birth of Bitcoin itself. We tend to agree with him.

2. The LTB DAO Fallout Episode

In this episode a couple of crypto-space lawyers; Pamela Morgan and Brian Klien, hook-up with Ethereum developer Taylor Gerring and the one and only Andreas Antonopoulos.

The conversation is long, super interesting, and fueled, at least in part, by beer. Of most value is in the unique and detailed legal perspectives offered.

3. The DAO Hack Hitler Video

The whole ‘Hitler Video’ thing has become a little tired.

Having said that, this one about the DAO hack is hilarious. The line about the term ‘Curator’ being confusing is very funny.

 4. DAO Presentation at Dutch Blockchain Conference

Dr. Gavin Wood features again. In our humble opinion he is a very capable and competent spokesperson for the Ethereum project. This is a good, short summary of what happened and how it could be fixed.

Consider giving this to newbies, friends, etc., if they’re curious.

5. Bruce Wanker Talks About DAO Attack.

This was so funny, it’s ridiculous. Watch it! Whoever wrote the commentary subtitles is a genius.


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