The 1st Three Months of vDice – What a Ride

The 1st three months of vDice have been incredible. We launched on June 13th of this year. So, technically it has been 3 months and 5 days, but who’s counting?

Our goal has always been both simple, and ambitious; to create the world’s 1st fully decentralised gambling game. In so doing we aim to provide the best gambling experience for Ethereum and our players.

With vDice the world is seeing the power of Ethereum Smart Contracts.

We’ve come so far. It feels like a lot longer than 3-months. We’ve got such a great team. And we collaborate with the best in the ecosystem to deliver the vDice experience.

We all work on vDice constantly, every day. For us it’s a labour of love.

1st three months

The 1st three months of vDice – What We’ve Done

It is helpful for us, our investors, our team, and our partners to take a moment and reflect.

We have:

  • Launched the world’s 1st fully decentralised gambling game. It’s alive!
  • Full code reviews and audits by industry leaders.
  • Collaborated with our Oracle to refine the backend and bet processing.
  • Launched our vDice Blog, delivering valuable content to the ecosystem.
  • Established a strong social media presence.
  • Collaborated and integrated with the best, to make the best Ethereum gambling experience (Jaxx, Oraclize, Metamask, et. al.)
  • Announced as an official sponsor of Devcon – Shanghai.
  • Reached out to leaders in the ecosystem in the West and China. We’re already engaged in negotiations to take vDice to the next level.
  • Built and tested great tech., with our oracle, to get on-chain Tx processing cheaper and faster.

1st three months 1

The 1st three months of vDice – What’s Planned

We are planning:

  • A token sale like no one has ever seen. A token sale that uses Ethereum’s power to put game profits in your hands.
  • Reduced bet processing by 7s in the short term. Get bet processing costs well under 10 cents.
  • A collaboration with ETHFans China.
  • Full Jaxx integration.
  • Published code reviews and audits on the vDice blog.
  • More betting contract options.

That’s just in the short-to-medium term.

The 1st three months of vDice have been amazing. We hope you’ll stay along for the ride.

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