Ethereum Classic Hard Fork World

Ethereum Classic Hard Fork World Reality: ‘ClusterFuck’. Defined by the Urban Dictionary as:

A situation that is totally fucked up, especially as a result of managerial incompetence.

Actually there are a few different definitions. You can read them here. All are appropriate.

So we have two competing Ethereums and a good, old-fashioned, clusterfuck on our hands. Oh boy!

vDice and Ethereum Classic Hard Fork

We were divided on the whole Hard Fork issue.

Some saw it as a bail-out of the DAO. Others saw it as a necessary for the Ethereum ecosystem to move forward.

Regardless, we have to deal with situations as they are presented to us.

We believe that sometimes the best approach is to do nothing.

Right now the Ethereum ETH chain is the strongest chain by a number of measures. We are going to continue to provide the best blockchain gambling UI/UX for Ethereum developers writing smart contract code, just as we did before the Hard Fork.

Ethereum Classic Hard Fork 3
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We will also to continue to monitor the development of the ecosystem, closely. If there are any marked changes we will act quickly and accordingly.

We do not expect Ethereum Classic to overtake the ETH chain by any important variable.

Having said that, the current situation also took us by surprise. We do realise that anything can happen.

ethereum classic hard fork 2

We are ready to deal with any market situation. We have the best talent. So we can act quickly and decisively to any given outcome.

We believe that the market does need a fully programmable, public blockchain. Ethereum is still a great tool that does useful things.

We enjoy building for the platform. And we are committed to it.

Which version of it? Well, that is for the market to decide.

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