Earning Profit from vDice Tokens (vSlice)

Returns from vDice and Token

Here is all about Returns from vDice and Tokens (vSlice)

Crowdsale (ICO) starts November 15th

So, there are 2 ways to earn from vSlice:

1) Trade the vSlice token on exchanges for its trading value. A lot of ICO tokens are trading on exchanges at 100%+, immediately after ICO.


2) Hold the token and automatically accumulate profits from vDice game (in ETH), each month. Also, enjoy any increases in price of the token itself.

vDice is the first profit earning token ever. So there is a lot of demand.



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6 thoughts on “Profit and % Returns from vDice and vSlice”

    1. 721 VSL represents 0.0023 % of the share of VSL.

      vSlice token holders get a share of profits from ALL vDice games.

      There are 33,390,496.0333756 VSL Tokens. Say a token holder owns 100,000 tokens. They have 0.299% ownership.

      Now say, for example, at the start of the ‘Lock Period’ there 1,000 ETH in profit stored in the ‘ProfitContainer’ smart contract. Then 0.299% of that goes to the token holder. So, 0.299% x 1,000 ETH = 2.99 ETH.

      1. The ‘ProfitContainer’ Smart Contract is a single smart contract that collects profits from ALL vDice game smart contracts.
        It is from this Smart Contract that vSlice token holders draw their share of profits, each ‘Lock Period’.

        This has not been released yet. It is still being reviewed.

        It will be released in early January (inside next 10-days).
        Once it is released profits will start accumulating. Then you can draw them our each ‘Lock Period’.

        vSlice token holders get a share of profits from ALL vDice games.

        That will be released within the next 10-days.
        From that moment ETHprofits from ALL Smart Contract Games on vDice will start accumulating in the ProfitContainer Smart Contract.

        They can be withdrawn by VSL holders during token lock periods.

    1. That’s too difficult to say. We’re too early in the lifecycle of the game to have steady figures. Best way would be to experiment yourself.

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