Post Network Hard Fork…It’s a Celebration!

We are post the Network Hard Fork. What a time it has been. The community is celebrating.

Ethereum has hard forked before. This is true. But the lead up to this Network Hard Fork has been intense.

The debate leading up to the Hard Fork was intense. The build out of the software was intense. The community response from Bitcoin and Etherum was intense. The philosophical debates since the DAO ‘Hack’ have been intense.

Everything has been so intense.

Network Hard Fork 1

But it’s over now.

Regardless of whether you were pro or anti this Network Hard Fork, it has happened. For better or for worse, it is over.

The market and price have responded very positively. Critics are even responding positively.

In the hours leading up to, and after, the Network Hard Fork, the price rose strongly. The ‘market cap’ is sitting at over a US$ 1 billion again.

Network Hard Fork

A Post Network Hard Fork vDice

At vDice, everything is operating smoothly.

We’re on the right side of this Network Hard Fork; the correct chain. The smart contracts are processing bets as usual, with no down time.

Network Hard Fork

In the post Network Hard Fork world, the game developers have informed us they will be working with their Oracle to:

  1. Make Bets Faster.
  2. Make Bets Cheaper.

The game has been performing unbelievably well. The response from the Ethereum community has been incredible.

Now it’s our job to the deliver the best blockchain gambling UI/UX for Ethereum out there.

By the 1st week of August you will see the cost of placing a bet, on the Ethereum blockchain, through vDice, come down significantly.

You will also see the average time for processing that bet come down significantly too. The game developers inform us they are targeting an average bet processing time of 15s.

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