Play vDice on Mobile

There are 2 emergent platforms for Ethereum Dapps for mobile phones (iOS and Android); and – allowing you to play vDice on mobile.

Play vDice on Mobile

According to our user feedback this is exactly what vDice needs. Indeed it is exactly what the greater Ethereum ecosystem needs.

Apart from user feedback and suggestions, the data doesn’t lie. Mobile is huge in China. It is equally huge in Asian emerging markets and the rest of the world.

The Value Propostion

If Ethereum can succeed on mobile, it will draw in many more users.

Asia in particular has some of the largest betting markets in the world. As many of our users have pointed out, vDice on mobile is a must.

So, we are pleased to work both with Status and Inzhoop. Both show incredible promise.

In this sense we are platform agnostic. We will ensure the best mobile playing experience for our users, now and into the future. And we will work with anyone to achieve that.

We’re just lucky that the Ethereum community is full of so many great developers. And many of these great developers have found their way onto both teams.

Play vDice on Mobile 1

Workings To-Date

Right now, we’re in active negotiation with Status. They had a stellar performance at EDCON. And since then interest has been high.

Their unveiling has seen them receive the rockstar reception they deserve into the community of key Ethereum projects.

As for Inzhoop, well they’re platform is already in Beta. You can already play around with vDice on their platform.

It’s early days, but it definitely works. And it’s definitely awesome.

But it can always be more awesome. And for that we are relying on you; the community. We need your comments, feedback and suggestions.

Tell us about your experience with vDice on mobile. If you think it can be improved, let us know how.

A Final Thought

Every day we discover great new Ethereum projects doing incredible things. The future is so bright for Ethereum and vDice, we’re thinking of buying some shades.

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