What is the Ethereum Project?

Ethereum Project? Say What?

At vDice.io we have chosen to build our platform using the Ethereum Project. We love it and understand it.

We’re so passionate about Ethereum that we talk about it all the time.

Ethereum Project

When you do this, dear reader, you get asked a lot of questions. We love questions about Ethereum.

One that pops up again, and again: What is the Ethereum Platform?

Fair question we think. How do you explain Ethereum to the uninitiated?

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Ethereum Sentiment Low

Ethereum Sentiment is Low. Chin Up, Let’s Grind…

Ethereum Sentiment
Chart courtesy of coinmarketcap.com

So you can certainly see that Ethereum sentiment is at a low, given the price charts.

But price charts are for the thinking man. In the words of Bruce Lee; “don’t think, feel”.

Ethereum Sentiment 1

We’re right in the thick of it in the Ethereum space.

vDice.io is now one of the leading, working Dapps, connected to the live network, and churning away bets.

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Top 5 Ethereum Videos From DAO Hack

Top 5 Ethereum Videos…of Late.

All eyes have been on Ethereum of late. We all know why. Yes, yes, the DAO Hack / Exploit / [Insert Term Here] is ongoing.

You could argue there is no such thing as ‘bad publicity’. You might well have a point.

The number of subscribers in /r/ethereum is up massively. And there are mainstream publications everywhere running Ethereum stories.

We enjoy visual content the most. Perhaps you do too.

If so, here is vDice.io Top 5 list of videos, since the DAO hack:

DAO Hack

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Ethereum Games

Ethereum Games and Gambling

At vDice.io we like Ethereum games. We especially like gambling and betting games. This is where Ethereum shines.

Gambling on the blockchain…that’s where it belongs.

We’re integrating another gambling game at the moment. This is a Dapp that allows you to bet on the DAO.

We can’t wait to show you. More details to come.

There is a lot of interest in vDice.io.

It made us realise something. Ethereum is perfect for games! And not just gambling games…all kinds of games.

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Ethereum Price What is Up!?

What’s Up With That Ethereum Price Y’all?

Well colour us surprised. The Ethereum price is holding strong, isn’t it? We’d even say it’s holding damn strong (is that swearing?).

Ethereum Price

Anyway, we don’t like to focus too much on the price. We believe in the technology.

If we didn’t, well, we wouldn’t have spent so much damn (there it is again) time and effort building such a kick-arse gambling platform for Ethereum.

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Ethereum Gambling Contracts

vDice.io is the first on blockchain Ethereum gambling game.

What does that mean?

Good question…

Ethereum Gambling you say…’on-chain’?

Well, vDice.io is a Dapp. It lives on the Ethereum network. It is fully decentralised. There is no server.

The Ethereum blockchain is the server! The gambling code lives on the Ethereum network.

Most betting games, even for cryptocurrencies, are centralised.

You send your money to the owners of the game. You trust them to hold it, like an exchange.

You play. Then, when you want to withdraw, you try to withdraw.

You hope the people who run the game are honest! If so, you get your withdrawal. If not, too bad. 🙁

Ethereum Gambling 9

Once you send them your Ether, you are trusting them.

vDice.io is de-centralised.

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vDice Gambling Contracts Verified

Everyone’s been waiting for it. We told you it was coming. Didn’t we tell you it was coming? vDice gambling contracts verified!

vDice Gambling Contracts Verified

Here you go:

Alright…go for it. Take a look. The code’s there. Take a look. It’s great. We’re gonna build great code. Didn’t we tell you we’d build it? And now it’s verified too.

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