Ethereum Devcon Event Analysis

Ethereum Devcon Event – Such Excitement

Ethereum Devcon Event 2016 is over. It was so great.

At we are so proud to sponsor the event. It was good to sit down with enthusiasts from China, the UK and around the world. The path forward is clear for Ethereum’s most popular Dapps.

We were blown away by all the exciting announcements. The Ethereum ecosystem is healthy and strong.

It’s growing so fast. After just one year major technology and finance players, everyone, is taking note.

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Ethereum Vs Bitcoin

Ethereum Vs Bitcoin – Differences and Similarities

Ethereum Vs Bitcoin – it comes up often.

People come to us with questions, novices and professionals alike. One questions arises often; Ethereum Vs Bitcoin – what’s the difference?

Here we’ll lay out simply, clearly and concisely the key differences.


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So What Now? Ethereum Classic Hard Fork World

Ethereum Classic Hard Fork World

Ethereum Classic Hard Fork World Reality: ‘ClusterFuck’. Defined by the Urban Dictionary as:

A situation that is totally fucked up, especially as a result of managerial incompetence.

Actually there are a few different definitions. You can read them here. All are appropriate.

So we have two competing Ethereums and a good, old-fashioned, clusterfuck on our hands. Oh boy!

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vDice Road Ahead

vDice Road Ahead for Ethereum Blockchain Gambling

So vDice went live on June 13th. Time to focus on the vDice road ahead.

The response has been amazing. We’d like to thank everyone for the great feedback. We’re glad you all love the UI/UX we have built.

vDice – Ethereum Leaders Love it

Also, the leaders in the Ethereum space love us. It’s very flattering:

" works. It relies on oraclize, which is a hefty library that does cool things."
Peter Vessenes
Blockhain Expert & Security Blogger  -
June 30, 2016
"This is just amazing"
Patrizio Stavola
CRM and SFA expert. Focus on Blockchains.  -
June 11, 2016
"This is amazing. I can't believe it."
Ethereum Developer  -
July 04, 2016

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