vDice Metamask Integration

At vDice you notice that we did a Metamask integration. It has made the betting process even easier for our players.

We recommend you go and download Metamask now. It’s a great piece of software. It’s developed by an awesome and talented team.

metamask integration main

What is a Metamask Integration Exactly?

Metamask is downloaded as a Chrome extension. It is in its Alpha stage. Eventually it plans to support Firefox and other web browsers.

It won a Eth Dev. Grant for contributions to Critical Ethereum infrastructure.

It allows you to run and interact with Ethereum Dapps like vDice, without running a full node. How cool!

Imagine Mist and Jaxx got together for dinner. Everything went well and they hooked up. Well, 9-months later they had a lovechild. That lovechild is Metamask.

The Metamask Mission

As the Etheruem ecosystem grows even more people are going to use vDice.

They will want full functionality and simplicity. However, they may not necessarily be very technical. This is where Metamask comes in.

The visions of vDice and Metamask align perfectly in this respect:

Our mission is to make Ethereum as easy to use for as many people as possible. — (Metamask Website).

So How Does it Work.

It’s super easy to play vDice and invest in vDice Smart Contract using Metamask. Just download Metamask and login.

To play it’s as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Click the Metamask logo next to the betting contract you want to play.

Metamask Integration 1

2. A Pop-up Will Appear. Check the information and click send.

Metamask Integration 2

3. A Metamask popup will appear. Click accept.

Metamask Integration 3

That’s it.

You can also invest in our playing contract with Metamask. Full instructions are on the vDice site.

Future Integrations

The Ethereum ecosystem is growing at a healthy pace. There are so many cool tools being released.

Many make the vDice experience even easier and more fun for our players. We’ll be integrating all of them.

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