5 LOLs of the DAO

Unless you’ve been living on Mars, under a rock, with your eyes shut, and your fingers in your ears, you’ve no doubt heard about the DAO ‘hack’.


Yes, yes, I called it a ‘hack’. It may be a bug, or a feature, or whatever. All that is beside the point for now.

So, in the spirit of (perhaps) poorly timed humour, we at vDice.io would like to focus on the top 5 bits of LOL from the DAO hack:


Our top 5 LOLs of the DAO

#1. This comes from Verge magazine. Have a read.

Of course, Ethereum is not broken. The DAO was just a Dapp on the network; one of many.

There is nothing wrong with the EVM. The network is fine. Still, that was never going to stop the press doing there thing now, was it?

#2. The open letter from the hacker.

If trolling were an art (it might well be) then this paste bin letter has to be the Mona Lisa.

That would make the hacker a true renaissance man; precision legal mind, mathematician, solidity expert, hacker, programmer, night watchman of the coming digital apocalypse. But, I digress…

Who didn’t enjoy reading this piece of Smart-Ass Wizardry. While no one has confirmed it’s actually the hacker, the points raised intensified an already heated debate on the inter-webz.

#3. This Gem Doing the Rounds.


Thanks to crypto-comics for this piece of hilarity.

Social media was full of shameful joy from Bitcoin maximalists. Of course, an image says a thousand words.

#4. r/Buttcoin Never Disappoints

The occasional adventure over to /r/buttcoin is always entertaining. Especially during a train-wreck like this.

As usual, the Buttcoiners have not disappointed. This title made us chuckle the most.


#5. No melodrama would be complete without its own Hitler video.

Also, some of you will no doubt feel the need to complain about this. It is the internet after all.

So, we suggest pulling the digital token out of your ass and meditating on this advice from the original DAO…


Think about it. 😉 Or don’t…whatever…shut up.

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