January Development Update 2018

We hope everyone enjoyed the New Year’s break. In the January Development Update 2018 we outline the details for the remainder for January. The plan is to deal with house-keeping and bring outstanding development matters to a close.

Contract Deployments

The ETH price increased significantly over the course of 2018. As a result the minimum bet for vDice has, in dollar terms, become quite large.

It is worth remembering that vDice processes all bets directly on-chain. So bet processing, in dollar terms, has increased. With bet processing on-chain, vDice was never meant to capture the micro-transaction part of the market.

Decentralization comes with cost and overhead. In exchange there is the benefit of censorship resistance.

Regardless, we will be responding to demand and deploying new contracts with lower minimum bet, to allow for lower value betting. These contracts will be deployed this month, and will exist on the network in addition to the existing contracts with higher minimum bet.

Bug Bounty Program

Thanks to everyone who participated in our bug bounty program over the New Year break. We were overwhelmed with emails and messages.

Ultimately our code stood up well for both vDice and vSlots. Nevertheless a lot of improvements were suggested for vSlots specifically. We are integrating those and aim to deploy them this month.

Token Listings

Bancor and Upcoin listings are in process. Further details to follow after January.

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