How To Invest in vSlice (VSL) Tokens

There are 2 ways to invest and share in the success of the vDice Platform.

  • You can buy vSlice tokens.
  • Invest in vDice Game Contracts. Full details here.

In this post we will be dealing with how You can buy vSlice tokens.

What is a vSlice Token?

vSlice (VSL) is a token that represents a share of profits, from ALL vDice games. Hold the vSlice token and get a share of vDice profits, across ALL games.

It means that the profits from ALL vDice games are accumulated, at a Smart Contract, during the month. Then, at a certain point in time, vSlice tokens holders can withdraw their profits from the Smart Contract.

How Does the vSlice Token Work?

There are periods called ‘epochs’. These roughly approximate the calendar month. The first 25 days of an epoch the Smart Contract is unlocked and tokens can be traded.

And the last 5 days the Smart Contract is locked. This is when you can get your profits.

After that it rolls onto the next epoch and so on.

To use your vSlice:

  • You can check what is the current epoch here.
  • There is a vSlice Web Wallet here. You can use the wallet to send/receive vSlice tokens and check your transaction details.

The way the profits are distributed is simple.

Let’s take an example;

There are 33,390,496.0333756 total VSL tokens. If a token holder owns 100,000 VSL tokens, they have 0.299% ownership of the total supply.

Let’s assume, at the start of the current locking period, there was an exact vDice profit balance of 10,000 ETH.

Then, this token holder takes his profits, he will receive 0.299% of the total 10,000 ETH profits; 29.9 ETH.

How Can I Buy vSlice Tokens?

You can buy vSlice (VSL) tokens through leading exchanges. A full and up-to-date list of exchanges is here.

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