Instruction Guide – Send and Receive vSlice

Send and Receive vSlice Tokens with this guide to get started.

We are working on the vSlice web wallet. This will allow users to easily interact with their vSlice tokens.

In the meantime, you can follow this process to use your vSlice Tokens:-

Sending vSlice

Step 1) Go to and click the “Send Ether & Tokens” tab.

Then open the wallet you used to buy tokens (using the private key or private key file).

Send and Receive vSlice Tokens step 1


Step 2) Go to “add custom token” and get VSL to appear by entering in the token contract address, symbol, and number of decimals:

  • Address: 0x5c543e7AE0A1104f78406C340E9C64FD9fCE5170
  • Token Symbol: VSL
  • Decimals: 18

Send and Receive vSlice Tokens step 2


Step 3) Click the “Only ETH” button next to the Amount to Send field.

And from the drop-down menu select VSL.

Send and Receive vSlice Tokens step 3


Step 4) Enter in the amount of VSL you want to send, and the address to send it to.

Send and Receive vSlice Tokens step 4


Step 5) Wait for the gas limit to update before clicking “generate transaction”. Then click “send transaction.”

Send and Receive vSlice Tokens step 5


Step 6) Done! You’ve sent your vSlice.


Receiving vSlice

You can receive vSlice at any Ethereum address. We recommend myetherwallet as an easy and secure solution.

Just go to my , click the “Generate Wallet” tab and follow the instructions.

You can view your token transfer easily on Ethplorer

Send and Receive vSlice Tokens step 6


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3 thoughts on “How To Send and Receive vSlice”

  1. Hi there,

    I tried to sent VSL tokens to VSL wallet from my ETH wallet as this instruction, but we have error in the process.

    The error comment:
    Warning! Error encountered during contract execution [Bad jump destination]

    Do you know what was happen? or should I need to solute it? VSL token is still in my eth wallet.

    1. Hi Kenny,

      Your VSL never left your wallet. They are still there.

      Actually, you can’t transfer VSL over the blockchain at the moment.

      The VSL token contract locks and unlocks automatically. The contract locks for approx. 5 days each month.
      This is so VSL holders can withdraw their ETH profits from the game. It is the some secure way to do profit withdrawals on Ethereum.

      You can follow whether we are in a lock or unlock period here;


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