Playing Guide vDice

How to Play? You asked for it. Here’s a playing guide

You don’t need an account. There are no 3rd parties. You play right from your Ether wallet (any wallet).

You send bets to the Ethereum blockchain (smart contract). Bets are provably fair. Wins are sent right back to your wallet.

If you go to you will see a bunch of game addresses. Each of these is a smart contract.

Playing Guide vDice Ethereum

All you have to do is send a transaction, from your wallet, to anyone of those addresses. Make sure you include enough gas. Stay between the min. and max. bet.

Boom! Done!

It’s as simple as that.

Any win is returned to your wallet. Any loss (sorry) is profit that is dispersed to contract investors.

For the technically minded, here is what is happening behind the scenes:

  1. User sends Tx to a Smart Contract address.
  2. Then the contract executes oraclize contract.
  3. Then oraclize calls the contract back.
  4. So there are two transactions to a contract for every bet made: one is the user, second is oraclize.
  5. If you open the oraclize transaction you can see raw data.
  6. There is the roll number too (from, in input data…click convert to ASCII click.

We hope that helped. If you have any questions about playing, just reach out to our support staff. They’re always happy to assist.