A How to Play Guide for vDice Games

How to Play? Good question.

Let’s start by saying that Ethereum Gambling is Fun…on the blockchain. Yay!

If you know how to play…

vDice.io is the leading platform for Ethereum blockchain gambling games.

Our main game is vDice itself. This is a Classic SatoshiDICE clone, implemented as an Ethereum Smart Contract (Dapp).

If you were around in the crypto space in the early days (well you probably made a lot of money)…but apart from that, you probably played SatoshiDICE.

This was the 1st successful Dapp for Bitcoin. It processed millions of bets.

vDice works exactly the same way. Only we’ve done it as a Smart Contract…how cool is that!

It’s super easy to get the hang of How to Play.

We’ll also show you how to play our other games, as we go on…

Learn How to Play!

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