How to Play vDice

Playing the vDice game is as easy as 1-2-3.

Step 1) Select a betting “Contract Address”. Each one of these addresses is its own game. It has its own chance of winning, payout, etc. That information is in the table.

Step 2) Send a bet to that “Contract Address”. It’s a normal transaction.

  • DO NOT send from an exchange account or hosted wallet. (You must control the private key).
  • Send with 180000 GAS minimum.
  • Send between the min. and max. bet amount for that contract “Contract Address”.

Step 3) That’s it! The rest happens automatically.

Your bet is processed automatically by the Smart Contract, on the Ethereum network. If you win the win amount is sent back to the wallet address that sent the bet. If you lose you will receive 1 Wei, also at the wallet address that sent the bet.

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