Ethereum Sentiment is Low. Chin Up, Let’s Grind…

Ethereum Sentiment
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So you can certainly see that Ethereum sentiment is at a low, given the price charts.

But price charts are for the thinking man. In the words of Bruce Lee; “don’t think, feel”.

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We’re right in the thick of it in the Ethereum space. is now one of the leading, working Dapps, connected to the live network, and churning away bets.

Sentiment Low But Fundamentals Good

Being active in Ethereum, developing and working, we can feel that sentiment is at a low.

It’s a shame really. Nothing has fundamentally changed about the network itself.

If anything the only changes to Ethereum have been positive.

A fire has been lit under developers in the space.

There are better tools coming out. They will make it easier and more intuitive to make safer code, going forward. This will decrease the chances of catastrophic hacks in the future.

Also, there has been a host of good news generally in the Ethereum ecosystem.

I suppose you could call this a trough of despair. This is where the work takes place, this is where the growth is.

You can compare it to something simple, like muscle growth.

At first there is repetitive motion and it is very painful. But you keep pushing and it becomes less painful and you experience the required growth.

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vDice is Pumping On

Our team remains committed to doing what is required.

We see ourselves like a Formula 1 pit crew at the moment. Our aim is to drive decentralised Tx processing, through an Oracle, to the fastest, cheapest point possible.

We believe this will have benefit outside of Ethereum gambling.

Ethereum Sentiment 99

In the process of working toward this goal, with our Oracle, we will be building technology that all Smart Contract developers can use. This is regardless of the Smart Contract application itself.

Gambling and betting is just an easy place to start, as the transactions are fairly simple.

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