vDice.io went live yesterday. The response has been unbelievable!

Everybody loves the game. We have people emailing us and messaging us, telling us how excited they are.

We had a guy send this:

“Cool site, used to love SD in early bitcoin days. Gonna love playing it again with ETH. Awesome.” – Desi J.

Ethereum Needs Satoshi Dice Betting ? Why ?

It’s amazing to see everybody respond so well. It’s really incredible.

But there are always some negative people. When you work really hard to make something great, you get criticized. It happens.

The Ethereum developers know this. They get criticized all the time.

When they were making Ethereum everyone said it can’t work…it’ll never work…you can’t challenge Bitcoin. Don’t try.

Even today, it’s working and people say stuff like this. It’s stupid.

So we weren’t so surprised to receive one negative comment, from this guy, on Reddit:

Usually guys like this have never made anything in their lives. He suggests all these projects. Of course, he’s not going to make them. He couldn’t.

Anyway, we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he’s confused about what vDice.io is. Maybe he doesn’t know what we’re actually doing.


Why vDice.io is the Betting Answer

vDice.io is the UI/UX for a Satoshi Dice style gambling game, implemented as an Ethereum Contract. The smart contract processing the bets has been connected to the main network by own development team, and it works!

Every network; Dogecoin, Litecoin, you name it, they all have a Satoshi Dice game straight away.

Ethereum needs Satoshi Dice Betting.

We need vDice.io for Ethereum. It’s an important piece of the puzzle. Like Satoshi Dice was for Bitcoin.

We need on-chain betting to start drilling the network. Also, these oracle companies need to be road tested properly.

Smart Contracts need to start seeing some commercial use. Early on this needs to be simple Dapps that actually work, like vDice. Then we can get ready for the higher level stuff.

Looking at the list of Dapps here, it’s 90% vaporware. That’s fine. You expect that.

Ethereum Needs Satoshi Dice Betting
Tinder for Horses. W.T.F.

But we can’t get to the higher level stuff without getting the basics right.

We need to get on-chain betting right. That’s why vDice.io is important.

We had one top Ethereum developer (he didn’t want to be named), tell us it’s the best Ethereum betting contract he’s seen.

The Smart Contract is here. Judge for yourself.

Everybody loves the UI too. People really appreciate the fun:

That’s why Ethereum needs Satoshi Dice betting.

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