Ethereum Lightning Betting

It’s an honour to keep receiving all this praise. Really, thank you everyone.

Patrizio Stavola sent this tweet out today about

Patrizio is an Ethereum guy. He’s really respected. Everyone knows him. He’s great. What a coder.

You know SatoshiDICE was the biggest success for Bitcoin.

It sold for 126,315 Bitcoins. Today that’s $ 75,000,000. At the time it was 70% of all Bitcoin transactions.

SatoshiDICE showed everyone what Bitcoin could do. is showing everyone what Ethereum can do, only better.

People know this. People from the Bitcoin space, they remember.

We didn’t realise it. But they’ve been waiting so long. Everyone was waiting for SatoshiDICE as an Ethereum Dapp.

Ethereum Lightning Betting 3

They want all the doubters to see what Ethereum can really do.

Don’t worry everyone, won’t let you down. You’re going to be proud of your network.

Already, people keep asking us how did you get bets so fast. They can’t believe our contract is so fast, and secure, from launch.

Just wait until July. We’re going to be even faster!

We know our job. We’re going to process bets so fast and so cheap. You won’t believe it. And soon, so soon.

Zero Confirmation is Coming!

We work with Oraclize. They do such amazing work. And they love working with us. So we’re going to keep going with that relationship.

People can see. Especially the old Bitcoin people, they can see the potential. All day we get contacted by people about opportunities.

Everyone wants a piece of Especially with Shanghai Devcon so soon. They know all the interest from China. They know it’s coming…soon!

We didn’t think about it. We’re so focused on software. We’ll let you know.

We’ll keep having the fastest, safest, onchain oracle transactions.

We’ll keep building the best technology…for everyone. Ethereum lightning betting.

ethereum lightning betting 1

Our API…no one can believe our API. Everyone was talking about Blockcypher and their API. Then we come out with our API. People can’t believe it.

The number of developers we’ve sent our API stuff to already, just in this last 48hrs…It’s incredible. It’s so great. And all free!

We care about the software. They see that. And the network. We care about the Ethereum network. Ethereum lightning betting is coming.

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