Ethereum Games and Gambling

Gambling and betting games is where Ethereum shines.

It made us realize something. Ethereum is perfect for games! And not just gambling games…all kinds of games.

Ethereum Non-Gambling Games

Sometimes Ethereum games need an Oracle and sometimes not.

Ethereum can only ‘know’ information that is on the blockchain.

For example, Ethereum can know how much value is at a certain address. It doesn’t need any external source (Oracle) to tell it that.

Ethereum Games

Ethereum can also, potentially, know information on some other blockchain.

It could, for example, know a Bitcoin balance for a specific address. Again, this is possible without any Oracle.

However, for sports betting (as an example), the network would need to know the outcome of a real-world game. So outside information is necessary. An oracle is needed.


Different Ethereum projects are trying different approaches. The issue of getting real-world information into a blockchain, reliably, is difficult.

Some non-gambling games suggested for Ethereum are Chess and Rock, Scissors, Paper, among others. For a high level discussion of how to build Chess in Ethereum there is a great discussion in Reddit.

As always, if you have a great game (any type) you would like to see with a UI/UX implemented on the vDice site, let us know. We consider any and all good games for a UI/UX interpretation.

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