Ethereum Gambling Dapps – The Promise of vDice provides a intuitive UI/UX for different development teams building great Ethereum Gambling Dapps.

Bitcoin is the first blockchain. Bitcoin has a market cap. of around $10 billion. Bitcoin is huge for gambling. Around 50-60% of ALL Bitcoin transactions are gambling.

Expect similar results for Ethereum, very soon.

The Power and Promise of Ethereum Gambling

Ethereum is super powerful.

With the Ethereum platform you can make gambling truly decentralised.

A system with no servers, no accounts, no deposits…you only trust the blockchain. That is now possible. The Ethereum blockchain is the game, in many ways.

An Ethereum Gambling Contract runs itself.

This makes Ethereum a unique platform. Everyone can benefit.

Ethereum Gambling Dapps 2

Think about it. Anyone can write their own Gambling Dapp. It’s just software.

They can put it on the Ethereum network. Then they can ask to show it on their site with an interpretation of a UI/UX.

They can benefit from our great brand.

Someone creates their own game. If it’s good, they will benefit.

vDice is the WordPress of Gambling

Leveraging the Power of Ethereum, its the democratization of Las Vegas. is the WordPress of gambling: a platform for developers to showcase their awesome gambling Dapps.

Ethereum Gambling Dapps

Through the power of the blockchain, it is the network itself that administers the games.

Ethereum Gambling Dapps 3

This is the true promise of Ethereum Gambling and the platform, the democratization of gambling, through the power of Ethereum and it’s programmable blockchain.

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