Ethereum Devcon Event – Such Excitement

Ethereum Devcon Event 2016 is over. It was so great.

It was good to see enthusiasts from China, the UK and around the world. The path forward is clear for Ethereum’s most popular Dapps.

With all the exciting announcements it is plain to see that the Ethereum ecosystem is healthy and strong.

It’s growing so fast. After just one year major technology and finance players, everyone, is taking note.

Ethereum Devcon Event – Leading Announcements

Here’s a summary of the most exiciting announcements from Ethereum Devcon2 in Shanghai – 2016:

1) Santander Bank is a Spanish banking giant. They are actively experimenting with the Ethereum, public blockchain.

This is to issue a digitized form of cash. The idea is to let customers convert cash account balances to tokens on the Ethereum network. These could then be redeemed for cash.



2) Thomas Reuters revealed that it’s spending most of its time on concepts using Etheruem’s public blockchain.

It is clearly very excited about the promise of Ehtereum programmable, Dapps and the established roadmap for scalability.

As the world’s leading news service, areas of experimentation include: finance, risk, legal, taxation, accounting and IP. Thomas Reuters is also experimenting in the Oracle part of the ecosystem.

3) Microsoft revealed a ‘Quickstart Template’. This makes it super easy to create private version of the Ethereum blockchain.

This is part of Microsoft’s ongoing commitment to develop Ethereum as a critical piece of infrastructure for enterprise blockchain services (BaaS). Ethereum’s public blockchain is a key part of Ethereum’s BaaS vision.



There is a lot to look forward to in the Ethereum ecosystem, from the major players.

It won’t be long until mainstream gambling recognises the true power of Ethereum.

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