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Ethereum betting games are pretty scarce at the moment.

So, with that…Greetings fellow Etherians (is that a word?). We are pleased to announce vDice is now live.

This is an Classic SatoshiDICE clone, implemented as an Ethereum Smart Contract. vDice is connected to the main-net, and has a few Ethers in it, so you can give it a ‘spin’.

Actually is simply where you will find a web interface for the actual smart contract game, as implemented by its development team.

It acts as proof positive that Vitalik is a cyborg sent back, from the future, to save (or possibly destroy) humanity. We haven’t worked it out yet.

We believe it to be the first pure ‘Satoshi Dice’ gambling style game, implemented for Ethereum and put on the main-net.

Ethereum Betting Gambling You Say? Interesting…

Well, it works like classic Satoshi-Dice. You send Ether to a game address on the site. You win, you get a win back. You lose, you get 1 wei back. Each address is its own contract.

All details are on the site. Right now it returns bets in 15-35 seconds, roughly. This varies a bit. Next release is 1st week July. Which will have betting faster by a third, minimum.

The development team responsible for the game code will then continue to drive down the speed and cost of betting, on chain, through July. Their aim is to make it as fast and cheap as possible, completely on-chain, to really test the network, over time.

The UI makes everything super easy to follow. It all updates through custom APIs. is just software. Nobody owns it. It owns itself. It is an autonomous entity, executing as code on the Ethereum p2p network. It lives in the ‘Ether’; in the realm of ideas and magic. Enjoy it through the UI/UX that we have built for the smart contract.

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