Development Update October

In this development update October, 2017, we cover important ongoing development and operational information.

vSlots Beta

vSlots Alpha code is performing well on main-net. The UI/UX still has a few small, non-critical bugs. For that we would like to welcome Danny Donahue to the team.

Danny started coding Commodore BASIC in the early/mid 80’s. Now focusing the majority of his time on HTML, CSS, JS (with PHP), GoLang and Ruby, he has expanded into Ethereum in the past year.

His work bringing a first-grade, intuitive and user-functional vSlots game is of the highest order.

The game will have updates and fixes completed by mid-October. At that time, vSlots will be ready to move into Beta. The promotional push will start then, in earnest.

Further, we have received many suggestions and items of feedback for vSlots already. We thank everyone for that.

We look forward to continuously updating vSlots, in Beta. But, from that point forward it will be considered complete for commercial activity. So we will be shifting focus to the next game; vOptions.

New Game – vOptions

vOptions is a basic, on-chain, Binary options game. It will be the next game to be released on the vDice platform. It has a tentative release schedule of Q1, 2018. The earliest version of the Smart Contract code is here.

Development Update October


Since the recent banning of exchanges in China, we have had to rework our plans and exchange listing strategy.

The ongoing negotiations with main exchanges in China are halted. Given these exchanges are closing permanently, this would be indefinitely.

We will be listed on Eidoo. This is a multi-function Wallet and Exchange that is shaping up to be a great platform. Further, we will shortly be starting discussions with Japan based exchanges for listing. This is where the bulk of trading activity is likely to move, post-China.

Decentralized exchanges show strong promise going forward. While we cannot provide specific details at this point, we can say that we have been contacted by the 0x team to discuss a possible Joint Venture.

OMG Tokens and Airdrop Policy

Airdrop of ERC20 tokens is a new network phenomenon. Best practice is emerging. After deliberation and consideration to the approach of other Ethereum thought leaders, we have decided to pursue a charity policy.

That is, to provide Airdrop tokens to charity. That charity may or may not be Ethereum or open-source software focused. This is still under consideration.

It is likely to apply to all future Airdrops. It will involve careful vetting of all potential charities that would benefit from the tokens.

As the policy takes place we will provide updates.

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