Development Update October

In this development update October, 2017, we cover important ongoing development and operational information.

vSlots Beta

We are informed by the developers of vSlots that the Alpha code is performing well on main-net. The UI/UX still has a few small, non-critical bugs. For that we would like to introduce Danny Donahue.

Danny started coding Commodore BASIC in the early/mid 80’s. Now focusing the majority of his time on HTML, CSS, JS (with PHP), GoLang and Ruby, he has expanded into Ethereum in the past year.

His work bringing a first-grade, intuitive and user-functional vSlots game is of the highest order.

The game and the UI/UX will have updates and fixes completed by mid-October. At that time, vSlots will be ready to move into Beta.

Further, we have received many suggestions and items of feedback for vSlots already. We thank everyone for that. They have been passed on to the actual game developers.

They look forward to continuously updating vSlots, in Beta. But, from that point forward it will be considered complete for commercial activity.


Development Update October


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