New Game Development

Development Update May 2018 covers new game development of vPax.

vPax Game Description:

Developers from around the globe are actively developing working on various games at any given time. vPax is a game under active development and nearing completion.

Once accepted and security tested, vDice puts its interpretation of the UI/UX experience on it and introduces it to the web presence.

On the website visitors will see vPax, where the pictures will be shown. The database of pictures will be saved in a folder on the server.
 vPax / image will have 6 chunks (3 pairs). There is a 33.33 % chance win.

Player will choose two images. After selection player will see two pictures. Players win when they see two of the same pictures. 
The pictures will be placed randomly by the some random functions.

Before starting the game, players have to send their bet to an ETH address and also fill-in player’s ETH address. When the game receives funds the player will see on the screen that the game is unlocked and they can choose two pictures to start.

The game has its own ETH wallet and each bet we will result in a % deposited to the profit container.

vPax Randomness:

For randomness vPax will take the two last blocks in the blockchain, hash them, add actual time in microseconds and hash it. These hashes will define positions of images in the game.

The game will save to the blockchain all that information with result and everybody can check the game history and algorithm. This will prevent cheating.

vPax Architecture:

Game Client GUI

–  GUI interface – game fields, score, button – start game, …
–  fn – start game
–  fn – show image on clicked field
–  fn – show score 
–  CLIENT -> request get txid or CLIENT -> request put txid
–  (1) SERVER -> response txid
–  CLIENT -> request position
–  (2) SERVER -> response image + other data
–  CLIENT -> request position
–  (3) SERVER -> response image and score + other data
–  CLIENT -> save history
–  CLIENT -> next game 
–  (1) SERVER
–  get or generate txid
–  init game -> random game field on txid
–  response txid and hash positions
–  (2) SERVER
–  get position (will be hash)
–  add to transaction save first hash
–  response to client -> image
– (3) SERVER
–  get position
–  evaluation score
–  response to client -> image a score 
Technical description
–  GUI – html5 / css3 / javascript (jquery)
–  Backend – PHP 7
–  SmartContracts – Solidity
–  vPex will run its own blockchain server to synchronize blocks
–  Analyze [2 MD] – analyze 
- making user stories, technical description
–  GUI / game [10 MD] 
- view / game
- auto start after payment receiving – communication with backend API
–  Backend [12 MD]
–  generating map of chunks
–  payment management
–  communication with blockchain & GUI
–  Blockchain server [10 MD]
–  run blockchain server & synchronize blocks
–  prepare api for communication with backend
–  API (GUI ⇔ Backend ⇔ Blockchain) [5 MD]

New Website Layout/Design

There will be a new website layout going live by June 2018.

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