Development Update February

So much has happened. So much is happening. We’ve been busy. In this development update February we look at it all.

We’ve received a huge amount of feedback, comments, emails, messages and praise. Thank you!

Building a truly great Dapp like vDice is only possible with you; the community.

Game & Platform Development.

vDice has passed 20,000 bets. That’s huge. We are processing more Tx on the live Ethereum blockchain than any other Dapp.

This was always the goal, to really drill the blockchain. By doing this through an Oracle we are testing the limits of that technology too.

Behind the scenes bet processing is becoming more reliable and faster.

The number of support tickets concerning bet processing times has dropped over 90% in the last 2 weeks. That’s super important.

Development of the vDice Brand

We have rebranded vDice. This rebranding has been implemented across the site, all social media channels and general internet presence.

This branding that will feature in the promotional strategy.

Development of vDapps

Development of the first Dapps, to be featured through vDapps, is underway. These will then be thoroughly vetted and released.

Release date for the first vDapp is currently set for mid-March.

Update on VSL

VSL is now supported through leading, emerging industry exchanges.

Most volume is through liqui, which is the leading exchange for Ethereum based ERC20 metatokens like VSL.

Most recently VSL was added on the very promising Mercatox exchange.

These exchanges have a bright future. They are the industry leaders of tomorrow.

Volumes have been picking up nicely for trading of VSL. It is one of the best traded Ethereum tokens.

There are a lot of big players entering the market, as interest in the vDice token and platforms grows huge.

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