Development Update August 2018

In the Development Update August 2018 we look at vPax development and the new site design.

vPax Game Code

Coding for vPax, the next game release, is complete. The solidity part of the implementations can be viewed here and here. Full code will be available once the game goes live.

The game is now undergoing security testing by its development team. They are doing a great job.

Once complete it will be pushed live, to the Ethereum main-net, ready for players. Exact timing depends on the outcome of code security testing.

The architecture for this game represents a slight variation and experimentation aimed at improving bet processing times and efficiency. A schematic and visualization of the game architecture as below.

Development Update April vPax Architecture

New Site Design

A new design is done for vDice domain itself. Below is a sneak preview of the new site design.

Development Update April New Site Design

Social Media and Chat

Please keep an eye out of all updates, including vPax release date, on official social media channels only. We have seen an increase in the number of fake channels, fake accounts and fake news related to the the project.

Also, we are not doing in any giveaways. So do not fall for these common fake giveaways from fake social media accounts. They are a plague on all ETH and crypto projects. Watch out for them. If you need to check if something is real, ask in the official Gitter channel.

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