Development Update August 2017

We are pleased to update on developments for the month of August 2017.

On track to 100,000 bets

For the main vDice game over 10,000 bets have been processed in just under 1-month. At this rate the main vDice game will process 100,000 bets well before the end of the 2017. This has exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Over 15,000 ETH has been processed in winnings to players in just over a year since going live (approx. $4.5m at current exchange rate).

August 2017 1

Feedback and support tickets have centred around bet processing times. We are seeing a lot more less-technical people in the Ethereum space. They have certain expectations about bet processing speed.

So we are now working to integrate latest bet processing technology on the Oracle side. This represents considerable improvements both in processing speed and user experience. This technology is still in alpha. But is almost ready for main-net use in a game like vDice.

OTC Traders

In anticipation of the release of vSlots there are larger traders and OTC traders looking to take a larger position in VSL.

To that end, if you are a larger holder of VSL tokens (100,000+) and are interested in an direct trade VSL/BTC or VSL/ETH, please contact us. We will put you in touch with these OTC traders. They want to hear from you.

August 2017 2

vSlots Release

So everyone is asking for details concerning the release of vSlots. It’s great for us to see the game is so anticipated.

The audit of the codebase by 2nd 3rd party audit team is almost complete. We are conducting multiple 3rd party audits of all codebases as a response to the recent wallet hack in the parity implementation of their multi-sig wallet.

We are aiming for a soft release of the game in the UI by early September. Then an announced full release 6 weeks later. The soft release will have the UI and will allow non-developers to play the game and try it out, mainly testing for usability and user experience.

Again, if you are a developer, the final codebase is here:

We encourage you to run an iteration of the code, either on mainnet or Ropsten testnet and give it a try.

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