Those Darn Kitties

The Crypto Kitties application is causing major disruption to the Ethereum network. Ultimately this is good for Ethereum. For the reasons why, well, this is a good read.


vDice smart contracts are processing bets with significant delays. Further, due to the increase in the uncle blocks caused by the network backlog, the randomDS Txs are failing more often.

Specifically in relation to vSlots, there is an updated version of the vSlot solidity code which will be deployed by its development team before the weekend.

It is recommended to wait, and don’t play vSlots until the code update.

With this update code, the blockchain re-orgs won’t cause the callback to fail completely and waste all gas, as is happening now. This would allow an attempted resend of the callback tx once the calling tx has been included in the new longest chain.

Also in this update code, if the proof verification fails for any reasons, the user is refunded.

Redeployment of the LedgerRandomProofVerifier will include a small fix of the verification of the randomDS proof included in the ethereumAPI.

The developers of the game inform us that they are aiming to push these codebase changes and updates to vSlots before the weekend.

Ultimately, Ethereum is a new technology that will emerge stronger from such situations. Popular applications are a sign of utility and strength. Let’s never forget that.

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