Cloning Dapps Ethereum Classic

Cloning Dapps Ethereum Classic – Most of Etherum’s leading Dapp projects have committed to building for ETH.

As a result Ethereum Classic has decided to clone a lot of the Dapps, in a kind of tit-for-tat.

Bounties are on offer for developers who will create ETH Dapps for the ETC Chain.

Cloning Dapps Ethereum Classic

Projects on Ethereum (ETH) or ETC:

You can see a list of projects confirmed on Ethereum or Ethereum Classic here.

At the moment ETH is the strongest chain. It has the highest market capitalisation, the most hashing power, the greater developer talent, and the most sunk cost.

If the situation were to change, a number of developers from key projects indicated that they would at least consider supporting both.

Of course, a Dapp is more than just its code. If requires constant development, maintenance and promotion. But if higher quality developers start cloning Dapps for ETC and showing real commitment to those projects, things could change quickly.

Cloning Dapps Ethereum Classic 1

Cloning Dapps Ethereum Classic – Going Forward

Ethereum Classic is already defying expectations. It’s sizeable market cap and community base seem to be growing. Obviously this is very, very early days. But if the trend continues even for the next 3-months, we may be looking at a dramatically different ecosystem.

The Ethereum community seems to be adopting an approach that if you are not for them, you are against them. This could act to galvanize Ethereum Classic into a more cohesive unit. Groups of humans always perform better when they have an other to battle against.

The market will sort this out in the long-term. The best chain will win. In the short-to-medium term expect more chaos and volatility.

Popcorn at the ready, as always, as we much the ecosystem continue to mature.

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