How to Claim Your vSlice (VSL) Bounty Reward

We would like to say thanks with the bounty reward.

There are 33,390,496.033375600026660590 vSlice tokens.

We really want to pay rewards to our true supporters. We spent a lot of time to you on share issues. Many contacted us and we helped them. Now we are no longer accepting changes in Shares.


Total VSL Sold: 33,390,496.033375600026660590 vSlice tokens

In total there are 2.5% funds allocated for Bounties in the following order:

  1. 1% for Signature campaign : 333904.96 Token
  2. 0.5% for Translation: 166952.48 Token
  3. 0.5% for Twitter campaign: 166952.48 Token
  4. 0.5% for Facebook campaign: 166952.48 Token

How to claim your Bounties

As we have already devised a few methods, but seems these are not very acceptable, as many have tried to claims someone else’s reward.

After receiving multiple requests to improve the Bounty Claim system and eliminate abuse of the false ETH Addresses, here are some improved procedures.

YOU HAVE UNTIL December 20. 2016, TO CLAIM YOUR BOUNTIES. Any claims received after this end date will not be accepted!

Where you can get your ETH address: Only use that ETH addy whose you are controlling the private key. Do not use ETH address from any exchange (Coinbase, Poloniex, etc). We recommend you to use,  Jaxx etc.

Or follow the Step here:

Bounty Reward 2

Sheets containing your Data:





Firstly, if your address is already in our sheets which are posted above, YOU just need to check if its correct. If correct leave it to us we’ll send you your rewards. And if that address is not correct just PM irfan_pak10 (;u=350580) or Post in Bounty thread:

Secondly, if your address is Not in the Sheets just send a message to Irfan_pak10 or post in the Bounty thread like this:

Address (Your ETH address here):

Write Y/N Like in the below example

Facebook –  N

Twitter    –  N

Signature – Y

Translate – N

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2 thoughts on “Claim Your vSlice (VSL) Bounty Reward”

  1. I\’m holding 1000 vSlice and followed that instructions to the \’T\’ to redeem it during the lock period, but I am not receiving anything.

    1. Hi, the contract is in ‘unlock’ period now. You can see that here:

      So that is likely why it is not working for you.

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